Get A Look At <i>The New Man In Charge</i> Of <i>Lost</i>

Spoilers for the series finale of Lost and its forthcoming epilogue lie ahead.

Those of you who thought you would never see another bit of new Lost footage following the two and a half hour series finale last May might not be aware of "The New Man in Charge," an eleven minute epilogue shot and produced exclusively for the show's final season and complete series DVD and Blu-ray kits.

We already know that the epilogue focuses on Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) during their period of leadership over the Island, with some of the show's still unresolved mysteries finally getting addressed once and for all. Surely, some fans doubt that "The New Man in Charge" will actually answer any lingering questions — but those same fans are encouraged to watch this minute-long clip from the epilogue, as one such mystery is resolved right off the bat.

And there you have it — the Island's mysterious palette drops come from the DHARMA Initiative, still active in some form or another. Let's wait and see what else the epilogue answers when it arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on August 24, shall we?

Source: Access Hollywood

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