Gerry Duggan Takes Over "Hulk" from Mark Waid in August

Gerry Duggan already writes "Nova" and co-writes "Deadpool," and as of August he'll add an Avenger to his Marvel slate: As first revealed by Newsarama, he's the new writer of the "Hulk" ongoing series, taking over from Mark Waid. Duggan is scheduled to join artist Mark Bagley with issue #5 of the current volume.

Duggan's run will start with an 8-10 issue story titled "The Omega Hulk," which will feature, "everyone who has the word 'hulk' in their name," along with their alter egos.

"I like to describe it as the 'Armor Wars' for gamma-irradiated people in the Marvel Universe," Duggan told Newsarama. "At the end of it there will be a new status quo for many of the characters."

"Hulk" launched in April with the creative team of Waid and Bagley. Waid's time on the character started in November 2012 with "Indestructible Hulk" #1, part of the original Marvel NOW! relaunch initiative. Duggan indicated that he's discussed the book's upcoming direction with Waid.

"I had some chats with Mark, and I thought what he's done with Hulk and Banner are brilliant," Duggan said to Newsarama. "It's very grounded, and logical; of course Bruce would make that kind of deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. for the lab with infinite funding in exchange for letting the monster loose. I'm also going to be keeping Banner's assistants, but also bringing some old friends and new faces."

Duggan, who co-writes "Deadpool" with comedian Brian Posehn, said his run will include "big science ideas" and that "Hulk" "needs to be a fun book" -- and expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with an artist of Bagley's stature.

"I'm thrilled that he's going to stay around for 'The Omega Hulk' story, because it needs someone like him who can go from devastation action of Hulks and just a page later go to a potentially even more devastating conversation between two human characters," Duggan said.

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