Gerry Duggan Discusses His Plans for the Infinity Stones & Their Wielders

WARNING: This interview contains spoilers for Infinity Countdown Prime, available now

The Marvel Universe is home to many powerful objects, artifacts with abilities to alter creation on a grand scale. That power is available to anyone, be they small time crooks with grand dreams, would be world conquerors, or heroes looking to make a positive change in their world. All one has to do is gain possession of even one of the Infinity Stones, six gems that make their wielder incredibly formidable -- and when all six are gathered together, godlike power is unlocked.

The collective power of the Infinity Stones (then known as Infinity Gems) was first illustrated in 1991's classic The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim. They've fueled a number of stories since then, but with the birth of a new Marvel Universe at the end of 2015's Secret Wars, their presence seemed to vanish from this reality.

Of course, they've recently resurfaced as Infinity Stones in books like writer Gerry Duggan's run on Guardians of the Galaxy and the Marvel Legacy one-shot. And in the recent Infinity Countdown Prime Duggan and artist Mike Deodato kicked off a new race for ultimate cosmic power by introducing readers to the current wielders of the Infinity Stones.

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CBR: There's a lot going on in Infinity Countdown Prime since it's the culmination of many of your plotlines from Guardians of the Galaxy. It features the return of a Marvel icon in Wolverine, the return of iconic Marvel artifacts in the Infinity Stones, and also several classic cosmic characters. How does it feel to reach this point in the larger story you've been telling? And what can you tell us about the evolution of this story? Were you always headed in this direction?

Gerry Duggan: Yeah, this was always the story. We had a real good time setting the table for it in Guardians, and we always wanted to tell a different story with the Infinity Stones. That's what's starting now.

We wanted to put the Stones in some different hands, and everyone was super excited about the new ideas we were bringing to the table about the Stones and their place in the Universe.

Countdown Prime kicks off with an update on the wielder of the Space Stone, Wolverine. What's it mean for a down to earth guy like Wolverine to wield an artifact of cosmic power?

Logan is an unlikely holder of the stone, and I'm not sure he likes it as much as he doesn't care for it to be in the hands of some of the other people that are pursuing it.

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One of my favorite moments in this issue involved the reveal of another unlikely Stone wielder, the classic Daredevil supporting character and street thug Turk Barrett, who is in possession of the Mind Stone. I understand you and artist Chris Sprouse will have some fun with that in the Infinity Countdown: Daredevil one-shot.

Yeah, the idea that the stone ended up in Turk's hands came up in an editorial retreat. The one-shot will reveal how he got his hands on the Stone.

Turk is one my favorite parts of this event. He's an old legacy character, but he stands to either be destroyed by this, be elevated by it, or be elevated and then destroyed. It will be really exciting to see what happens.

I've always like Turk. His low-level status and dreams of being a major player remind me of one of my favorite characters from the television show The Wire, Bodie.

[Laughs] Totally. I also have enjoyed Turk for many, many years. I think you'll really dig the one-shot because it's not just a Matt Murdock story. It's also really a Turk story.

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