Gerard Way Unveils "Young Animal" Artwork, New "Doom Patrol" Member

Gerard Way has offered a new glimpse at the titles he's curating under his "Young Animal" imprint for DC Comics -- providing an inside look at some of the new character designs for the books, and an all-new "Doom Patrol" member named Casey Brinke.

Not much is known about Brinke, except that she's influenced by Black Sabbath and Sigourney Weaver in "Alien." Way notes in his post that the character was included in Becky Cloonan's artwork for the line's initial pitch, which was based off his first designs. Way revealed that he created the final version of the character with his "Doom Patrol" artist, Nick Derington.

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Additionally, the image revealed of Marley Zarcone's "Shade, the Changing Girl" features the character sporting the original colorful Shade jacket, worn by Rac Shade in Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo's seminal "Shade, the Changing Man" run.

Way also noted in his post that artist Shawn Crystal is joining his "Mother Panic" series, alongside Tommy Lee Edwards and John Paul Leon. Edwards' art of downtown Gotham City was unveiled in the post.

The "Umbrella Academy" creator went on to debut some of Michael Avon Oeming's artwork for "Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye," noting that it "captures the character perfectly as a one-time action hero turned dad, exploring the unknown and answering the call to adventure."

You can head over to Way's Tumblr for more details on the "Young Animal" series.

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