Gerard Way Debuts New Art From DC's Young Animal Imprint

With Young Animal inching closer to its September debut, Gerard Way has unveiled a sneak peek at more art from his upcoming DC Comics imprint.

Announced last month at Emerald City Comicon, Young Animal is a "pop-up imprint" for mature readers curated by the acclaimed musician and writer that harks back to the weirder DC and Vertigo comics of the 1980s and '90s. It launches with "Doom Patrol" by Way and artist Nick Derington, followed by"Shade, the Changing Girl" by writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Becky Cloonan, "Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye," written by Way and Jon Rivera and illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming, and "Mother Panic," written by Jody Houser and Way, with art from Tommy Lee Edwards.

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In a recent production update, Way wrote, "What is emerging from each book is the difference in tone -- they are all doing their own thing, and it is wonderful. I grow more excited as I see them come together, watching the collective vision of the teams come to life. I feel like the Young Animal books each have something for everyone, though there is a thread of strangeness and experimentation that ties them all together. These are books with a strong identity, and something feels very new about them-taking readers to places they possibly haven't been before."

In the post, he offered a glimpse of panels from the debut issues of "Doom Patrol," "Shade, the Changing Girl" and "Cave Carson," as well as one of Edwards' early designs for Mother Panic, a new character who will be based in Gotham City.

Young Animal launches in September with the release of "Doom Patrol" #1.

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