Gerard Way's Batman, Joker Statues Tease the Dark Knight Story We Need

Gerard Way's own brand of imaginative comic book storytelling is soon headed toward your display shelf. Ahead of this weekend's New York Toy Fair, DC Collectibles has unveiled a sneak peek of its 2018 lineup, which includes two new entries in its Batman: Black and White line, based on artwork by the curator of Young Animal.

The statues of Batman and Joker are based on illustrations revealed by Way on Twitter in 2013. The designs are titled "Kingdom of the Mad," a Batman story that was approved by DC Entertainment for release through Vertigo but unfortunately never saw the light of day.

Gerard Way's Batman: Black & White statue

Beyond the Dark Knight and The Joker, Way also released designs for Robin, Two-Face, The Penguin, The Riddler and Mr. Freeze, hinting at a massive and story. Now, however, at least part of Way's vision will live on in the form of these statues.

Gerard Way's Batman: Black & White statue

Way's rendition of Batman is particularly intriguing, with his padlocks and embroidered cape, exuding an Edward Scissorhands-like vibe. It makes us wonder what Way had up his sleeve for "Kingdom of the Mad." Perhaps, if the demand for the statues proves strong, DC could finally be persuaded to make the miniseries a reality.

Priced at $80 each, the two statues will be released in October.

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