Georges Jeanty Draws "Bruce Wayne"

In the midst of writer Grant Morrison's time-traveling Batman epic "The Return of Bruce Wayne," the title hero has been jumping in and out of different historical periods in Gotham City's history as well as into different pulp and adventure genres. Today, DC Comics announced via their The Source blog that the series will also see an instance of artistic switching as "Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8" artist Georges Jeanty will be drawing issue #4 instead of previously announced penciler Cameron Stewart.

"We were lucky enough to sign on Georges Jeanty-hot off his work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer- to pencil the fourth installment of Grant Morrison's 'Return of Bruce Wayne'! In this chapter, Georges gets to illustrate Bruce Wayne in the "Wild West" period from Gotham City's past," editor Mike Marts told the blog while sharing some early pages from Jeanty's issue (the artist previously worked for the Bat Office on the "Manhunter" co-feature in "Batman: Streets of Gotham"). Three penciled pages from the new issue were shared, which have been reposted here.

The Source promised that Stewart - having recently completed an arc on Morrison's "Batman & Robin" - would have more work for DC soon. "Return of Bruce Wayne" #4 ships July 21. For more, check The Source and head back to CBR in the days ahead for more on "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne" with artist Frazer Irving!

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