"George W. Bush and the Weapons of Mass Distraction" Tell a Comical Story of Politics Gone Awry

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA - The art of satire always seems most absent at times when it's most needed. But IDW Publishing is here to fill a void by taking a left turn in more ways than one. The comic book publisher is pleased to announce that they are bringing back the noble tradition of politically minded trading cards with a new set that celebrates the world in which we live even as it points out the foibles of those in charge.

Coming in May is George W, Bush and the Weapons of Mass Distraction, a 36-card boxed set of illustrated trading cards that looks at all the political figures you've come to know and love, complete with notable facts and their career highlights, their quotable quotes and jibes.

Each trading card is dedicated to a different member of the team, the Bush administration figures and peripheral folks who move and shape policy and public opinion.

Among the recipients of this dubious honor are team captain George W. Bush, here represented as King George II, who reigns over the proud monarchy of Americaland; also included is Vic-President Dick Cheney; The Colbert Report's host and truthiness proponent, Stephen Colbert; former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; Tony Blair; Bill O'Reilly; and 30 others.

IDW Publishing is please to announce the debut of their George W. Bush and his weapons of mass distractions trading cards. Not a once upon a time type of story, this one begins quite differently: King George II reigns over the proud monarchy of Americaland. Told through a series of 36 trading cards, this is the tale of George W. Bush and his weapons of mass distractions.

While chock-full of facts, these cards offer an alternative way of viewing these powerful men and women. You’ll discover that:

Stephen Colbert is the ultimate weapon of mass distraction. His viewers tune in for a laugh, while secretly-seeded propaganda pellets seep into their synapses George Bush's wife, Laura Bush, has influence on George. While not obvious, it has always been strong: she participated in the National Book Awards, and George once read a book. Previous Secretary of State Colin Powell stood for truth, justice and the American Way for most of his life. But under the tutelage of Bush, he had to ignore the first two, and simply had to stick with the third. Graphic illustrations help illustrate the personalities and predilections of those involved, too. One card shows Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly with a dog snout and floppy ears, demonstrating who he really is—an attack dog for the Bush Administration; another depicts Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson as a cyborg—due to a chip in his arm that supposedly carries medical information, but really allows him to launch nuclear weapons.

IDW's Mission will be Accomplished on May 20, 2007, when George Bush and the Weapons of Mass Distraction hit comic specialty shops and bookstores nationwide. (Diamond Distributors order code MAR07 3535)

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