George Pérez to undergo eye surgery today

George Pérez, who's long struggled with diabetes and high blood pressure, revealed he'll undergo laser retina surgery today after doctors discovered blood vessels forming in the back of his eyes.

"Thankfully, it's been caught at the treatable stage and the prognosis is good," he wrote this morning on his Facebook fan page. "I'd been noticing difficulty in focusing for some time and thought it was merely eyestrain and let it go unchecked too long. My own fault, I'm afraid. However, it's likely I'll come out of it with better vision than I had before, so I'm definitely optimistic about this. Up to now, only my immediate family knew of this, but there a lot of really good friends out there who I felt should know as well and this seemed the best way to contact all of you at once."

Pérez, who turned 56 on Wednesday, is penciling issues five and six of DC Universe: Legacies. Teen Titans: Games, his decades-in-the-making graphic novel with Marv Wolfman, is set for release later this year.

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