George Pérez shares 'Star Wars' art you've (probably) never seen

Legendary comics artist George Pérez -- known for his landmark work on "The Avengers," "The New Teen Titans," and "Wonder Woman," among many other series -- unearthed some of his rarely seen "Star Wars" art -- and of the three pieces, only one was actually published.

First off, Pérez shared a nifty "Star Wars" page of his own over Facebook, which he says was commissioned by George Lucas for a Stars Wars Comics art book. Pérez noted how he was given free reign to draw whatever he wanted for the piece, and ended up with the following self-contained, one-page story:

"This is the only comic page I've ever drawn of the STAR WARS characters, and it was especially commissioned by George Lucas for inclusion in a STAR WARS COMICS art book. I was pretty much given free reign to draw whatever I wanted, so I tried to get as much in as I could, telling a story through visuals alone. Other than a single trading card depicting a Gamorrean Guard, this would be my only published STAR WARS art."

Pérez then shared an inked sketch he drew of Darth Vader from "a while back":

"Another STAR WARS sketch from a while back. I think I went through three Sharpies on this piece."

And lastly, Pérez shared a penciled drawing of good ol' Jabba the Hutt and Slave Leia, which he says has a certain "tightness" in his pencils that is indicative of his older art style:

"And one last STAR WARS themed drawing which I believe I had posted a few years ago, before the big to-do about Slave Girl Leia. The tightness of the pencils indicates that this was drawn before my eye problems really took hold. I don't know if I could do this type of pencil work now."

Marvel currently publishes a line of "Star Wars" comics, while the franchise continues to flourish on the big screen, with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" already breaking box office records and hitting theatres everywhere tomorrow.

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