George Perez Is Guest Of Honor At New York Comic Con

Official Press Release

Norwalk, CT: Officials at New York Comic Con (NYCC) have announced that over 140 artists and creators will be scheduled to appear in the Artist Alley, a popular section of the show which features some of the top creative talent working in the comic book world today. In addition, show organizers have announced that George Perez has agreed to appear at NYCC as a Guest of Honor, joining numerous other previously announced Guests of Honor including Stan Lee, Jeff Smith, Michael Straczynski, and Marc Silvestri. Other special appearances have also been added to NYCC festivities including: Kyle Baker, Brian Bolland, Drew Bowling, David Finch, Greg Horn, Carmine Infantino, China Mieville, Steve McNiven, Joshua Ortega, Greg Pak, Joe Quesada, Jim Steranko, Ethan VanSciver, and Timothy Zahn.

New York Comic Con will take place in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Center, February 23rd – 25th.

"We are overwhelmed with the top talent that has been attracted to our show so far," notes Greg Topalian, Con Director for NYCC. "More than anything else, our show is all about delivering comic book world celebrities to their loyal and devoted fan base. We are enormously grateful to all the brilliant artists and creators who are giving up their time and so freely making themselves available to their fans during New York Comic Con."

Guest of Honor George Perez is a Puerto Rican-American illustrator and writer of comic books who was one of the most popular and influential artists in American comic books in the 1980s and remains so to this very day. He primarily illustrates superhero comics, mainly published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and is known for his clean, dynamic, yet ornate style, with a strong emphasis on group superhero action scenes.

The Artist Alley at NYCC will feature a broad rand of notable Golden, Silver and current comic book artists. The artists will be featured in the Galleria which overlooks the show floor at the Jacob K. Javits Center and they will be available to do signings, sketches and talk to the fans about their past and future collaborations. The NYCC Artist Alley participants are being updated daily on the convention's web site at www.nycomiccon.com. Some of the many artists who are already scheduled to appear in Artist Alley include:

Bob Almond * Murphy Anderson * Terry Austin * Michael Bair * Chris Batista * Alison Bechtel * Richard Birdsall * Jon Bogdanove * Brian Bolland * June Brigman * Mark Brooks * Buzz * Eric Canete * Bernard Chang * Sean Chen * Frank Cho * Ian Churchill * Henry Clayton * Olivier Coipel * Gene Colan * Kevin Conrad * Danny Fingeroth * Frank Darmatta * Tom DeFalco * Todd DeZago * Colleen Doran * Guy Dorian * Ian Dorian * Dale Eaglesham * Tommy Lee Edwards * David Finch * Ramona Fradon * Jose-Luis Garcia-Lopez * Ron Garney * Keith Giffen * Michael Golden * Trevor Goring * Yvel Guichet * Gene Ha * Scott Hanna * Tony Harris * Greg Horn * Jamal Igle * Carmine Infantino * Phil Jimenez * Geoff Johns * Andy Lanning * Bob Larkin * John Paul Leon * Livesay * David Mack * Kevin Maguire * Alex Maleev * Ron Marz * Peter Mayhew * Frank McLaughlin * Steve McNiven * Rags Morales * Mark Morales * Dustin Nguyen * Michael Avon Oeming * Dan Parent * Andrew Pepoy * Joe Quesada * Rodney Ramos * Tom Raney * Esad Ribic * Roy Richardson * Andrew Robinson * Craig Rousseau * Stephane Roux * Josef Rubenstein * Damion Scott * Stephen Sadowski * Alex Saviuk * Walter Simonson * Kevin Smith * Tom Smith * Joe Staton * Jim Steranko * Arthur Suydam * Art Thibert * Ethen Van Sciver * Jhonen Vasquez * Dexter Vines * Bob Wiacek

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