George Perez Gives Health Update, Says Eye Surgery Imminent

Celebrated veteran comic book artist George Perez provided an update Tuesday on his eye condition, saying that conventional surgery is imminent.

"I just got back from my eye doctor and, not very surprisingly, I was told that my left eye is beyond the point where laser and injection surgery can be of any help so I (or more precisely, my wife) have contacted my regular doctor to perform whatever tests I need to take in order to be cleared for operating room surgery," Perez said on his Facebook page. "It will have to be soon since there is now some further swelling and deterioration of my right eye as well."

In September, Perez shared with fans that he had been experiencing hemorrhaging in his left eye which had effectively made him blind in that eye, and that he was undergoing laser and injection surgeries. The legendary "Avengers" and "Teen Titans" artist also stated last month he needed to start "treatments that will better control" his diabetes and blood pressure before a conventional surgery.

Perez remained optimistic in his update, writing, "So, I still have a major battle ahead, but, with all the support, well wishes and prayers that have been funneled my way -- and most importantly, the love and indomitable strength of my amazingly brave wife Carol (Phoenicia), I will get through this."

Despite these struggles, Perez -- who has begun wearing an eye patch to see more clearly with his right eye -- has maintained a busy convention schedule, and appeared this past weekend at New York Comic Con. This past July, Perez announced he had sign an exclusive deal with BOOM! Studios, to focus on creating new material.

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