George Perez gets Brave and Bold at Pittsburgh

Who is really going to pass up the chance to talk with George Perez? The man is a legend in the comics industry, and when he talks, you damn well sit down and listen. And when he talks about a new project, you start taking notes. On the final day of the Pittsburgh Comicon, artist to the stars George Perez hosted a panel that featured updates on the up and coming new series from DC Comics, "The Brave and the Bold." Initially, Perez was to be joined by series writer Mark Waid, but, unfortunately, Waid was unable to attend the convention. That did not, however, stop Perez from giving his fans the scoop.

First off, though, before we can get to "The Brave and the Bold," Perez wanted everyone to know that his fill-in pages on "Infinite Crisis" #7 were indeed done and mailed out the previous Wednesday (April 19, for those of you keeping score). He also stated that he enjoyed doing the work, even though it ended up being more than he planned. That said, he moved on to the theme of the panel, the relaunch of everyone's favorite team-up book.

According to Perez, who had completed approximately 2 pages of the book from Mark Waid's first script, the first issue of the book will feature a team-up between Batman and Green Lantern, but one that will start out with a another team-up of sorts: Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordan on the glittery streets of Las Vegas, something Perez took great delight in discussing, noting that he loves to do work with heroes in the off hours, not just in costume. While Perez didn't discuss exactly how Wayne and Jordan came together, he did note that the theme of the first story arc would revolve around a mystery discovered in space.

Perez also noted that each following issue of the arc would change the team-up slightly. For instance, while not yet set in stone, plans for issue two are to have Batman fade out of the picture while Hal teams up with Supergirl, and then the following issue might see Supergirl pair off with another hero, so on and so forth. Perez stated that Batman would probably make a return appearance, though he would become more of a background character rather than the lead. This suited Perez fine, who was happy to see that the book would not become "Batman and" whoever each month, as the original "Brave and the Bold" series did.

Who else might we look forward to seeing? Over the course of the first year to which Perez is committed, pretty much anything goes, though look for the book to solely focus on bigger names until the title gets its feet wet in the industry again. As an aside, Perez did say that he would like to work on some more lesser known characters, including the Metal Men, Zatanna and Deadman, and he would also like to take a crack at drawing Wonder Woman again. However, all this is dependent on what work Perez finds himself contracted to over the course of the next year. But what could pull him away?

"I've never been on 'The Legion of Super-Heroes,'" said Perez.

That's right. Perez may find himself working on "Legion of Super-Heroes," another Mark Waid title, following his year's turn at "Brave and the Bold." Perez said that, of all the books he's done, he's never had a shot at working on The Legion, and he's hoping to rectify that error from his resume. As for other work Perez has lined up, he didn't go into much more detail, but he did note that he's contracted to DC Comics at least until 2010, and if he took everything he's been offered, he'd go well beyond that. However, for the moment, he's also in talks to work on an in-house bible of DC characters that would cover costume design for the universe, so other artists would have a starting base and an idea anytime they needed to draw a character they were not familiar with. He's also got a single page lined up for "Justice League of America" #0, though he's got no idea what will be on it yet.

Lastly, no talk with George Perez would be complete without a discussion of the Teen Titans. One audience member asked whatever became of the "Titans: Games" project Perez had begun with Marv Wolfman. Perez explained that, before the plug was pulled on the project, he had completed about 75 pages of artwork out of the planned 125 pages. However, the title seemed to get lost in the editorial wheels, and Perez explained that should the chance to work with Wolfman ever comes up again, he'd do it in a heartbeat, though he'd like to do something more progressive, rather than just reliving old glories. In summary, though, Perez stated that he loves working on comics, and he wants to die with an unfinished page on his drawing board.

He just doesn't want it to be the one he's working on now.

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