Geoff Johns to write new <i>Aquaman</i> series

A new Aquaman series written by Geoff Johns will launch later this year in the wake of Brightest Day. The announcement was made Saturday at MegaCon during the DC Comics spotlight panel and confirmed last night by Johns.

"Announced at Megacon: After Brightest Day I'll be moving over to a new book -- Aquaman #1 coming later this year!!" he wrote on Twitter. It was not revealed whether the title is an ongoing or a miniseries, or who the artist will be.

It will be the seventh series for the 70-year-old character, who reached the height of his modern-era popularity in the 1990s under writer Peter David. The last Aquaman comic, subtitled Sword of Atlantis as part of a sweeping "One Year Later" retooling, was canceled in 2007, leaving the sea king dead. Or, rather, "dead," as he was resurrected in DC's Blackest Night event before going on to play a central role in Brightest Day.

Although Aquaman is often the butt of jokes, in large part due to his depiction in the Super Friends animated series, Johns has championed the character and his place in the DC Universe.

"I think Aquaman is one of DC's A-List characters, but he's got to be treated like that," Johns told Comic Book Resources in December. "He's got to be showcased like that, and he's got to kick ass like Green Lantern or Batman or the entire Justice League."

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