Geoff Johns Teases "Cyborg" Series, "All-Star Batgirl," "Justice League's" Future

"Superman" #32, the first issue from the big-name new creative team of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr., is now on sale. As part of the promotion for this week's release, Johns participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) with fans Tuesday night, answering questions in his dual role as prominent DC Comics writer and DC Entertainment chief creative officer.

Here are some highlights:

A "Cyborg" series is possible. Either on his own or with the Metal Men, looks like plans are in the works: Johns replied, "Funny you should say that about Cyborg!" to one fan asking about a Victor Stone solo book, and confirmed there's been talk of a "Cyborg and the Metal Men" series.

He's got years of "Justice League" plans. Johns, the writer of "Justice League" since the dawn of the New 52 in Sept. 2011, revealed he and the rest of the creative team have "the next few years" of the book planned, including an "Amazo Virus" arc and the subsequent "Rise of the Seven Seas" at some point in 2015.

Hal Jordan will return to the Justice League. Johns stated that Hal Jordan -- a character Johns is very familiar with from his years on "Green Lantern" -- will return to the League "soon."

There are plans for Simon Baz. In other Green Lantern news, Johns clarified that though "Justice League of America" has ended, there are plans at DC for Simon Baz, a relatively new addition to the publisher's roster.

Vibe will return to "Justice League." With the character -- his pre-superhero civilian identity, at least -- portrayed by Carlos Valdes on "The Flash" TV show, Vibe will return to "Justice League" at some point. "He'll be back in JL before too long, lost in the multiverse," Johns wrote. "Cisco plays a huge part of the Flash TV series so, yes, there are plans in many places for Vibe.

He's "thinking a lot" about Shazam. Though there's "no official update" on a "Shazam" solo series, Johns made it known he's giving the character some serious thought.

More will be revealed on Batman and Wonder Woman's connection. As hinted in "Forever Evil," Batman and Wonder Woman do have a connection, Johns said, though "it may not be what you think."

Gail Simone's "top secret" project will have a "ton of awesome characters in it." But Johns won't say who.

"All Star Batgirl" is shelved, but... Johns did write the script to #1, and incorporated his take on Harvey Bullock for that series into "Batman: Earth One."

Speaking of "Batman: Earth One"... Vol. 2 is near completion, and there are plans for Vol. 3 and beyond.

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