Geoff Johns reveals first post-<i>Blackest Night</i> <i>Green Lantern</i> storyline


One of our first (quasi-)official glimpses of the DC Universe after Blackest Night emerged this past holiday weekend from an increasingly common source for this sort of thing: a Twitter feed.

Responding to reader praise for the most recent issue of Green Lantern, Blackest Night writer Geoff Johns teased the shape of things to come:

Thanks for the kind words on GL #49 - yes, John Stewart IS a bad ass. Can't wait to see his scene in BN #8 play out and...in the storyline post-Blackest Night in Green Lantern: NEW GUARDIANS. [...] Next storyline after Blackest Night starting with GREEN LANTERN #53. All I can say right now. :)

Responding to further tweets, Johns briefly elaborated on the role that Green Lantern John Stewart will play:

Yes, John Stewart features prominently in the new status quo of GL after Blackest Night...exactly how I cannot reveal! John Stewart is all about building a better tomorrow imo, which he does quite literally and will do even more so with...his NEW responsibility post-BN.

As readers of Green Lantern and Blackest Night know, the old Guardians of the Universe haven't exactly earned their Christmas bonuses this year. "New Guardians" may well be long overdue ...

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