Geoff Johns on the Return of Hal Jordan

[Hal Jordan]Following up on the news from this week's "Wizard" magazine that Green Lantern Hal Jordan will be returning to the DC Universe, "Green Lantern: Rebirth" writer Geoff Johns spoke a bit more on his official site about the series. Johns said:

"After almost a year on the project, I can speak officially. But I won't say much.

"You probably already know 'Rebirth' is a five issue monthly series that begins in October illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver and edited by Peter Tomasi. I've worked with Ethan before on THE FLASH: IRON HEIGHTS and we've been dying to do something together since. Pete, of course, is my editor on JSA, and formerly Hawkman. This is a project that's extremely important to all of us. This can't be just a good series – it's gotta be a damn great series.

"'Rebirth' is the return of Hal Jordan.

"But we are not out to wipe the slate clean and go backwards to 1975. That's immediately a response from some. Or that nothing ever changes. Or that someone 'lost' and someone 'won.' Truth is, you don't know where we're going, but we're going forward. And that's good. Let the debates continue.

"We're out to tell a killer story utilizing the Green Lantern mythology. There will be a lot of surprises, a lot of curve balls, some major revelations and some amazing artwork. Ethan's pages are spectacular.

"The endless arguments of who the best Green Lantern is means nothing to us – Green Lantern is cool. Period. The concept is one of the richest in comics.

"Batman, the Justice League, Alan Scott, Green Arrow, the JSA…most every major player will be seen in 'Rebirth.'

"There are going to be a hundred different questions we get asked from here until October. What's going on with Kyle? John Stewart? The Spectre? The Guardians? Guy Gardner? Kilowog? All I can say is -- it's all in the book. I won't be answering many questions beyond that statement.

"If you want to check out what's going on with Hal now, you can see him in his role as the 'Spectre' in JSA #60 thru #62 in a storyline called 'Redemption Lost.' #60 is out. And Ron Marz has a terrific run beginning with 'Green Lantern' #176, out today.

"For Ethan's take on Hal Jordan, you can see a promo picture in the new Wizard - #152."

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