Geoff Johns Has A Message for DC Films' New President

DC Films fanfare

Geoff Johns has a message for Walter Hamada, the producer Warner Bros. has tapped to be the new head of DC Films.

Johns, who has been Chief Creative Officer with DC Comics since 2010 and President since 2016, seems to be thrilled with the decision. There is already a positive working relationship between the two, with Johns currently serving as a writer on Shazam! and Hamada overseeing production.

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Hamada, who comes over from New Line Cinema, is replacing Jon Berg. Berg stepped down from his position following the failure of the recently released Justice League film. While the superhero team movie has earned over $650 million worldwide, a high budget and lofty expectations that went unmet caused Warner Bros. to shake up things at the top.

Every other installment of the DC Extended Universe has done well financially, but few have been critically praised outside of 2017's Wonder Woman. Despite all this, Warner Bros. has not quite given up on its shared universe and is clearly hoping Hamada can find success like he did with It and Annabelle: Creation.

Next up for the DC Extended Universe is Aquaman, starring Jason Mamoa as the titular sea king, which will see release on December 21. Shazam!, meanwhile, is schedule to start filming in February ahead of a April 5, 2019 release date.

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