Geoff Johns leaves 'Hawkman'

Rich Johnston has done it again. Last week Rich got Oni Press EIC Jamie S. Rich to give it up in an interview when he revealed he'd be leaving the company next year. This week Rich spoke with Geoff Johns in his Waiting for Tommy column who confirmed that the writer would be leaving DC's "Hawkman" with issue #25, following the conclusion of the "Black Reign" saga.

"No one's more unhappy to see Rags, Michael and I leave Hawkman with #25 than the creative team itself," Johns told Johnston. "Rags and I were having a great time on the book, and I really think we made leaps and bounds during the last year in terms of the quality of the book. We had some continuity we had to get through, and we did. We tried our best to make it clean, and make this character viable. For the most part, I think we succeeded very well. Kurt Busiek thinks we've helped straighten it out and that's good enough for me."

Johns went on to say he's not opposed to the idea of returning to the title.

"Rags and I did have more stories to tell, and we'll hopefully do that again someday, but with the end of Black Reign and the arrival of a very special project for Rags and Michael and some stuff going on in my court, it just felt right to bow out with issue 25. I do look forward to working with Rags and Michael again. They're going to break out next year. Just watch."

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