Geoff Johns: King of all media, or superhero starmaker?

On The New York Times' T Magazine blog, George Gene Gustines briefly profiles writer Geoff Johns as part of a series on "America's up-and-coming talent":

Johns seems to have a golden touch with heroes in need of new life (sometimes literally) or just some TLC. Last year, he pulled off the resurrection of Flash, who died in 1985, and in Blackest Night, he’s shining the spotlight on Mera, the wife of Aquaman, which has fans rabid with delight. It’s all part of his belief that any character can be a star if given the right stage.

The article also touches upon moves into other areas by Johns, who turns 37 later this month: his partnership in the Earth 2 comic store, his episodes of Smallville and his work as a consultant on the Green Lantern film and other upcoming Warner Bros. adaptations of DC Comics properties.

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