Johns & Fabok to Explore DC Rebirth’s Three Jokers Mystery

Three Jokers

One of the biggest lingering plot threads from 2016's DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot is the mystery surrounding the revelation that there's not just one, but three versions of The Joker in the DC Universe. However, while we still don't know when DC plans to explore this mystery further, the publisher has finally broken its silence on who will be the ones to do it.

During the Q&A section of DC’s Batman panel on Saturday afternoon at C2E2 in Chicago, a fan asked if there be a resolution to the “three Jokers” tease from the Rebirth one-shot. “It is underway,” Batman group editor Jamie S. Rich said. “Jay Fabok is underway on pages now. There are some scripts from Geoff [Johns]. It’s coming.”

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If you’ll recall, it was in the pages of Justice League #42 – part two of Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s “Darkseid War” storyline – that Batman used the newly acquired powers of the Mobius Chair to ask two questions: Who really killed his parents, and what was The Joker’s real name? However, it wasn't until eight months later – the day Justice League #50 and DC Universe: Rebirth #1 hit stands -- that we finally got our answer as to what the Mobius Chair told Batman: "There are three."

Obviously, Johns has his hands full with the DCU and Watchmen-centric event Doomsday Clock, but Fabok isn't currently working on any projects for DC that we know of. That being said, it's possible this Joker story is next on both his and Johns' slate.

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