Geoff Johns Goes The Distance, Named New Permanent "Flash" Writer

[The Flash]DC Comics giveth, DC Comics taketh away.

Geoff Johns, whose "Stars and STRIPES" series will be coming to a close soon, is now on the flip side of that formula: Originally named the writer for six months after Mark Waid leaves "The Flash," Johns has just been made the series' new permanent writer.

"And I couldn't be happier," Johns told CBR News on Sunday. "The six parter is going very well and I'll be sticking with 'The Flash' well after. There will definitely be some threads (and characters) from this story line that carry over into the monthly. I've already begun to lay out the first year and beyond with lots of intrigue, some new supporting cast, new and old villains, a NEW look and persona for Keystone City and dozens of plot twists and turns. My goal is to make 'The Flash' as strong, fast and involving as 'JSA,' [co-written by Johns]. I love the character, love the book and plan on sticking around for a good long while."

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