Geoff Johns exclusive to DC with 3-year deal

Writer Geoff Johns has made a name for himself working on the icons in the DC Comics library. When he took over the reigns on "Flash" he had to follow a very successful and acclaimed run by writer Mark Waid. Fans questioned whether anyone was up to the task of following Waid on the title. Johns wasn't intimidated and the team of Johns and artist Scott Kollins slowly built a buzz on the title, with many saying the title is on par with the Waid run. His work on "JSA" has been acclaimed by many as bringing relevance and excitement back to the team. Last year he helped DC successfully relaunch "Hawkman," a character with a very difficult history. And later this year Johns will be bringing the "Teen Titans" back to the DC Universe.

Well, those successes haven't gone unnoticed. Today, DC Comics announced that Johns has signed an agreement to work exclusively with the publisher for three years. This is the first such major announcement since an editorial shake-up last week placing DC's VP - Editorial Dan DiDio in a larger role at the company.

"This is an incredible time to be with DC," Johns said in a DC press release. "The excitement level within the company just keeps building and building - and knowing what their game plan is and where they're heading made it a perfect time to jump on board. I couldn't be happier or more excited to focus my creative energies here. Working with people like Dan DiDio, Peter Tomasi, Eddie Berganza and the rest of the crew - it's always been a pleasure, and they're really kicking into a new gear.

"Between DC's universe of characters, and the VERTIGO and WildStorm imprints, the opportunities within DC are endless. I'll continue to work on JSA, THE FLASH and HAWKMAN, and then TEEN TITANS this summer with Mike McKone. And we've already begun to talk about what's on the slate next!"

"Geoff has quickly become one of the most prolific and creative talents in the industry, and his love of DC's characters shines through in all his work," DC's VP - Editorial Dan DiDio said in a release. "We look forward to seeing where he takes TEEN TITANS and other DCU heroes in the future."

According to an interview with Newsarama, Johns stated that this agreement will not affect his previous commitments on Marvel's "Avengers" or a project set-up with Michael Turner, "Ekon."

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