Top 10 Geoff Johns Comic Runs, Ranked

Over his long career as a comic book writer, Geoff Johns has become extremely beloved for being one of the best comic book writers of all times.

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Johns revitalized countless characters, introduced thousands of new ideas into their mythos, and plunged even the lesser-known characters into the public eye. Along with working as a screenwriter and movie producer, Johns has become one of the standout names in the comic book industry. Here's our countdown of his 10 greatest runs of all time.

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10 Booster Gold

Although a short run of only 12 issues, Geoff Johns masterfully brought the hero you’ve never heard of back into popularity. The series began with Booster and Rip Hunter traveling through the ravaged timestream after the events of 52 (more on that later).

The series displayed many Booster Gold favorites such as Skeets while also introducing brand new characters to the Booster Gold mythos, primarily Goldstar, Booster’s little sister.

9 Hawkman

Similar to Booster Gold, Johns has a knack for taking not so popular characters and reintroducing them back into the mainstream. Way before the comic runs that established him as a prominent writer, Johns was assigned Hawkman, and brought an interesting new take to the character.

The story is presented as Hawkman struggles to adjust to his new life. He tries desperately to rekindle his relationship with Hawkgirl. Hawkman, unfortunately, has no memories of their past lives, which makes Hawkgirl very upset. The two heroes team up again to solve the murder of Hawkgirl’s parents. No spoilers here, but it's a great read!

8 52

52 is unique in this list as it is the only series not focused on a single hero or group of characters, but many events throughout the DC Universe. It takes place after the events of Infinite Crisis, and the plot spans a full year in real-time.

While this is a great Johns read, he also had help from many other fantastic writers, including Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, and Greg Rucka. The series also managed to lead into spinoffs, and its a highly entertaining read to anyone interested in the Crises of DC or Cosmic DC in general.

7 Stargirl

Stargirl was the first full run Geoff Johns was a part of, writing for the series Stars and Stripes. Stargirl is especially important to Johns as the character is based on his late sister Courtney, whom the hero shares a name with.

Stargirl soon joined the Justice Society of America and played a large part in what made that series so great. Stargirl went on to become a great part of the DC Universe and even receiving her own show on the DCU streaming service, which Johns will also be a part of.

6 Action Comics

It is hard to stand out in the world of Superman. You’ve got decades of great writers, vivid storytelling, and powerhouse characters. Somehow, Johns highlighted what fans loved about Superman, and made it even better. He integrated the Legion of Superheroes back into the Man of Steel's mythos and helped resurrect a huge part of Superman’s character that had been left untouched since the Silver Age of comics.

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Johns also revitalized the character of Brainiac in a story arc carrying the same name, which brought back many important aspects of the Superman character.

5 Teen Titans

Johns run on the Teen Titans is one of his more recent ones, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive than the others. Here we got to see the members of Young Justice mix in with the Titans to make an even more impressive group of teenage superheroes.

Johns changed Bart from the happy-go-lucky Impulse into the more serious Kid Flash. He also completely changed Superboy’s origin and made Connor a clone created through half of Superman’s and half of Lex Luthor’s DNA, which was adapted into the Young Justice tv series.

4 Aquaman

Before there was Jason Momoa, there was Geoff Johns making Aquaman cool again. Johns' New 52 run on the King of Atlantis is a fan favorite for any Aquaman lover, and for many good reasons. Johns was the one who finally showed that Aquaman wasn’t a joke, and he was the only writer to actually address the negative portrayal of Aquaman in outside media.

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Of course, we know that Aquaman is awesome, but this was a secret among comic book fans. Many of the key aspects of the Aquaman movie, such as the seven kingdoms and the creatures of The Trench, were actually created by Johns.


There’s a basic rule in life; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Johns was already on his way to creating the best Justice Society run of all time before he came up with the brilliant idea to include aspects of Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come into one of his arcs.

The entirety of Johns' JSA run is incredible, but his Thy Kingdom Come storyline, featuring the older version of Superman, is nothing short of amazing. Similar to Action Comics, he also brought the Legion of Superheroes out of obscurity again by making Starman a recurring character in the series.

2 The Flash

I could go on forever about the brilliance of Geoff Johns' Flash run. Johns himself is a major Flash fan, so it's no surprise he put this much dedication and work into his run. You can really tell how much Johns loves Wally West.

Johns is the creator of Zoom, one of The Flash’s most well-known villains, and is the writer of many stories considered to be the greatest Flash stories of all time, such as Blitz and Rogue War.

1 Green Lantern

You can’t mention Geoff Johns without thinking about Green Lantern. About 90% of the Green Lantern mythos known today was either created by Johns or old ideas enhanced by Johns. He took Hal Jordan - the vanquished hero turned mass murderer - and made him into the best Green Lantern again.

Johns created every single other Lantern Corps, along with the emotional spectrum, Blackest Night, and Brightest Day. These all came from the head of one man, and Green Lantern fans have forever been indebted to him.

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