Gentle Giant's Skottie Young Groot & Rocket Statue is the Best Thing Ever


The Guardians of the Galaxy's resident rodent and walking tree are getting turned into a Skottie Young-inspired collectible item from the good folks over at Gentle Giant LTD.

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The combo-pack statue finds Groot holding his best buddy Rocket in the palm of his outstretched right hand. While Groot has a happy-go-lucky smile on his face, Rocket is displayed with a droopy-eyed stoned face. Both are in the animated style of fan-favorite cover artist Skottie Young.

The process of creating the statue includes digitally sculpting and printing on state of the art 3D printers. High-resolution prints are then used to produce prototypes that are then hand-crafted, hand-painted, and hand-numbered before being shipped to customers.

Young's kid-aged versions of Marvel Comics characters struck a chord with fans several years back. The pint-sized heroes (and sometimes villains) have been a staple of the publisher's variant cover program since 2012, with the artist depicting both characters from the Marvel Universe, along with takes on the company's licensed books like "Stephen King's: The Stand," "Star Wars" and more.

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The Groot and Rocket Raccoon statue is available for pre-order for $64.99 with a release date of the second quarter of 2017.

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