Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal Has a Dynamic Duo - and a Prehistoric Bane

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal, now showing on Adult Swim.

Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal focuses on a caveman, Spear, a skilled hunter at the dawn of evolution, and a female Tyrannosaurus, Fang. Following the losses of both their families thanks to horned T-Rexes, they teamed up to gain revenge, becoming a tag-team in this prehistoric era.

Like another famous dynamic duo, Spear and Fang even got their very own Bane-like villain to fight at the end of the first five episodes of Season 1. And make no mistake, this creature, an Ape-Man, truly turns out to be an instrument of death as he goes on to physically break one of the heroes, leaving them for dead.

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Spear and Fang have quite the storied journey in this Adult Swim series, fighting off velociraptors, giant snakes and spiders, wooly mammoths, as well as humanoid bats across the prehistoric terrain. There's constantly danger circling from all corners of land, sea and air, and the duo live on the constant brink of extinction. But after being brought together by tragedy into this unlikely partnership, as they battle to survive all these violent creatures, they end up being kidnapped in "Rise of the Ape-Men" by a tribe of behemoth monkeys who are obsessed with the idea of gladiators fighting to see how the strong survive.

The apes want challengers for a revered mantle, and five of them duke it out in a brutal brawl. One giant ape survives, crushing and dismembering his brethren, before the high ape priest pours a black serum down into this creature's mouth. A restrained Spear and Fang are shocked when the ape mutates and grows in size, becoming more aggressive and way more powerful. He essentially becomes a hulking brute, similar to Bane when he's on his venom serum in the DC Universe.

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We never find out where the serum come from, but that will be revealed when the next five episodes of Season 1 air next year. Even though Fang puts up a decent fight in the gladiatorial arena, the ape's skin is too tough for her teeth to pierce and he pulverizes her, even holding the reptile above his shoulders the way Bane did before breaking the Dark Knight's back.

The ape throws her to the ground, breaks her limbs, grabs her by the tail and flings her around more so, leaving the dino flailing and on the verge of death. As she lays lifeless, an enraged Speaker breaks free and then scales the tower where the priest is, throwing him off it and imbibing all of the serum. Spear turns into a Hulk-like being as well and throws down with the alpha ape.

In the brutal ensuing battle, Fang rips the ape's arms off  and -- in a possible allusion to Jax's Fatality from Mortal Kombat -- smashes his face in with them. Spear then goes after all the other apes, with his Superman-esque punches knocking brains out and reducing the creatures to be splatter all over the screen. By the time Spear wakes up after blacking out due to too much aggression coursing through his veins, he sees the entire tribe dead. He reverts to normal but as he heads over to a bloody Fang, his pain is all too real. She appears dead, and Spear is devastated on the inside, having apparently lost his best friend and the sister who helped keep him alive during these turbulent times

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