Gen:LOCK Character Trailer Teases the Series' Mecha Antagonists

Up until now, Rooster Teeth's upcoming mecha anime Gen:LOCK has put a spotlight on the human pilots, but today's newest teaser offers a brief glimpse of just what they'll be facing.

Although the trailer is primarily focused on pilots Robert Sinclair and Valentina "Val" Romanyszyn, the end of it features a look at some wicked looking spider robots.

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Unlike the blue light that's bathed the mechs at the end of previous trailers, this one is covered in sinister red. The trailer also briefly mentions the series' antagonists the Union, who've apparently been taking their terror westward ever since an attack on Detroit.

The threat of the Union hasn't been mentioned much in previous trailers, but they're more than just giant robots. They're apparently also hunting down David Tennant's Dr. Weller.

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The series has drawn attention thanks in part to the casting of Michael B. Jordan as series lead Julian Chase. Since his casting, numerous other stars have been announced; Billions star Asia Kate Dillon voices the aforementioned Val, and Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams provides the voice of Cammie McCloud. The cast will also feature previous RT alums in the form of series showrunner Gray Haddock, RWBY writer Miles Luna, and Sinclair's voice actor Blaine Gibson.

Gen:LOCK premieres on Rooster Teeth on Jan. 26, 2019.

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