Generation X Returns As Part Of Marvel's ResurrXion Lineup


Marvel's fourth X-Men teaser of the week has arrived, following announcements for "Iceman," "Weapon X" and "Jean Grey." Launching in spring 2017 as part of "ResurrXion," a new "Generation X" series -- the first in 15 years, will hit the stands. Marvel made the announcement via Twitter.

generation x

As with the previous announcements, the teaser art includes classic comic book art highlighting the title's history as well as that of the franchise's other teen books. The book's creative team and cast are also unknown at this time.

Co-created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo, the previous "Generation X" title ran from 1994 to 2001, spanning 75 issues. Launched out of 1994's "Phalanx Covenant" event, "Generation X" starred an all-new group of mutant students (and Jubilee) attending Xavier's newly-annexed Massachusetts Academy. With Banshee and Emma Frost serving as co-headmasters, the Generation X kids learned how to control their powers as well as deal with each other. The most notable graduate of the Generation X program is M, also known as Monet; she's gone on to star in the long-running "X-Factor" series and is currently a member of the Uncanny X-Men. The series also started Emma Frost's rehabilitation from a villain character into a mainstay X-Man.

Generation X was the second wave of young X-students to be introduced into the X-Men canon, following their predecessors the New Mutants and their counterparts, X-Factor's wards. They're also far from the last young characters created for the franchise. Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon created many new students for their "New X-Men" and "Astonishing X-Men" runs, and a new volume of "New Mutants" in the early '00s introduced a whole new student body to Xavier's. That class went on to star in books like "New X-Men: Academy X" and "Young X-Men." More recently, the series "Generation Hope" added a handful of new young mutants to the canon. Images from those series are also seen in the teaser art. Whether or not this new "Generation X" is a reunion series of the surviving original team or a new volume of the series starring newer teen characters remains unknown.

"Generation X" will debut alongside “Jean Grey,” “Iceman” and “Weapon X” in spring 2017.

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