"Generation Lost" #4 & 5 To Be Returnable

In their interview with CBR earlier today, DC Comics executives Jim Lee and John Rood made many statements to the importance of keeping retailers happy as the publisher began its own era of digital comics distribution. And only half a day into their first digital sales, DC has already responded to retailer concerns over their "day-and-date experiment."

CBR News has learned that in response to concerns about the immediate availability of issues of the currently running, bi-weekly "Justice League: Generation Lost" series on the retailer-based Comic Book Industry Alliance message boards, DC has said that issues #4 and 5 of the series will be returnable for comic shop owners. A tie-in to the popular "Brightest Day" event written by Keith Giffen and Judd Winick, the series will be available online the same day as its print version starting today with issue #4 and continuing through it's 26-issue run. When retailers on the CBIA boards started discussing the news, DC Sales VP Bob Wayne logged on briefly to explain that the issues for today and early July, whose final orders are already in, would be returnable.

For more on DC's digital plans and how they may affect comic shops, stay tuned to CBR.

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