15 eXtremely eXcellent Genderswapped X-Men Cosplays

X-men genderswapped

Cosplaying is a creative way in which thousands of talented fans express their love of fictional characters. These human chameleons are able to transform themselves even into those characters that look impossible to get right. Cosplaying, in and of itself, takes a lot of effort but pulling of a successful gender-bender must be at least twice as hard. Whenever there's talk about genderswapped cosplay, everyone immediately thinks of women cosplaying as men. But while there seem to be more women in the gender-bender business, there are male cosplayers who create very impressive male versions of female characters. After all, Rule 63 states that for every fictional character, there exist an opposite-gender counterpart.

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And while you may think that fans would get upset over genderbent versions of their favorite characters, genderswapped cosplay has gained a lot of supporters over the years, with fans all over the world sharing Rule 63 cosplay images. Although some cosplayers may let an unimportant and minor detail, such as gender, stand in their way, that is not the case with the amazing people on this list. These talented entertainers have invested time, money and energy into creating these 15 unbelievable genderswapped X-Men cosplays that will blow your mind.

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X-Men Jessica Nigri Deadpool
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X-Men Jessica Nigri Deadpool

After an unconventional but highly effective viral marketing campaign, Deadpool was released quite fittingly two days before Valentine’s Day 2016 to wide critical acclaim and financial success. Deadpool immediately became a fan-favorite character and fans all over the world expressed their admiration in form of cosplay and fan art.

One of the amazing cosplayers who created a very original version of Deadpool is Jessica Nigri. Admittedly, Deadpool doesn’t seem like the kind of character who would look good genderswapped, but turns out it can be done. For better or for worse, Nigri opted out of putting makeup to re-create Wade Wilson’s disfigured face, rendering her a lot more attractive than her comic book counterpart. Her costume and props look awesome and Nigri makes a fierce female Deadpool.


X-Men Sara Moni Havok

Sara Moni is a talented and wonderful cosplayer from Phoenix, Arizona. An active member of the charity cosplay group, the Arizona Avengers, Sara is always friendly, kind and happy to hang out with her fans. She’s been into comic books and superhero cartoons ever since she was a child and is a huge Marvel fan. According to an interview, her favorite cosplays are Wasp and Silk.

She's cosplayed so many different characters, all of which look amazing. Apart from cosplaying female characters, Sara has also done a number of genderswapped cosplays, including Quicksilver, Lizard and Sinestro. Just like the genderbent Havok you see above, the rest of her genderbent cosplays are absolutely stunning. Sara is definitely one of those cosplayers with the power to blow you away.


X-Men Reign Beast

Nathalie is a Polish-Canadian cosplayer currently located in Ottawa, Canada. Known as Reign Cosplay, Nathalie loves to honor her favorite characters with her cosplay. An passionate fan of comic books and video games, Nathalie got hooked after her first cosplay as Bane, which by the way looks extraordinary. Nathalie has been cosplaying for a few years now and has worked out a lineup of all the characters she wants to cosplay in the years to come.

According to Nathalie, she prefers tough characters and villains so we can expect to see a lot of evil. Going through Nathalie’s gallery is an amazing experience for any fan of comic books, video games or anime. For example, bet you never thought you’d see a female Beast, but there you have it. Nathalie succeeded at creating a fierce female version of everyone's favorite Blue Gorilla.


X-Men Veron Nightcrawler

Veron is a Florida-based cosplayer, model, artist, but first and foremost geek. According to her Facebook page, she lives for coffee, art and all things Batman. Veron enjoys everything that has to do with fashion, costuming, cosplay and steampunk and her gallery is packed with amazing cosplay photos of various comic book, movie, TV and anime characters.

This passionate bookworm and nerd became a well-known cosplayer and made a name for herself by dressing up as Two-Face, Black Canary, Mary Jane Watson and many more. Back in 2014, Geek Fantasy Magazine featured Veron as an Epic Cosplayer. The amazing photo of Veron in her female Nightcrawler costume was taken by the talented David Love. The photo was displayed at Animate! Florida and received a predominantly positive response.


X-Men Nadyasonika Cyclops

Nadya Anton, known as Nadyasonika, is an international cosplayer, designer and model from Mexico. Over the last decade, Nadya has made over 60 cosplays based on video game, anime, comic book and movie characters. Crafting costumes, streaming video games on Twitch, attending events all over the world and hosting a television show, Nadya is a busy bee.

Nadya’s website is filled with all kinds photos and videos of cool cosplay. Among those 60 plus cosplay costumes she’s made are Catwoman, Gambit, Rogue, Harley Quinn and Lara Croft. While most of her cosplays are of female characters, Nadya is no stranger to genderbenders and has done a number of female versions of originally male characters. One of Nadya's gednerswapped cosplays is this amazing Scott Summers, aka Cyclops.


X-Men Silver Shade Cosplay Colossus

Silver Shade Cosplay is a costume-maker and cosplayer operating in secret somewhere in the United States. According to her tumblr page, cosplaying is one of her favorite things, second only to K-pop. Silver Shade has been cosplaying for quite some time now and has brought to life a great number of her favorite fictional characters. Upon a quick glance we discovered amazing images of Sliver Shade cosplaying as Zatana, Elektra, Donna Troy, but also a number of male characters.

Clearly a fan of genderbenders, Silver Shade has donned on costumes of characters such as Nightwing, Superboy, Red Hood and of course Colossus. Each and every one of these genderswapped costumes are on point and something you should definitely see for yourself, so hurry up and check out Silver Shade’s gallery.


X-Men Brooklyn Link Cosplay Jubilee

A male Jubilee cosplay is one thing we didn’t expect to find when we embarked on this journey, but this male spin on Jubilee worked out surprisingly well. The man behind this awesome genderswapped Jubilee cosplay is a New York-based graphic designer named Erich, aka Brooklyn Link Cosplay. Erich started cosplaying as his favorite character, Link from Zelda, and thus far has cosplayed a number of different versions of the character.

Erich usually shows off his cosplay costumes at New York Comic Con, Katsucon, San Diego Comic-Con and Anime Expo. Over the years, he’s cosplayed a variety of comic book, video game, anime and movie characters including Jack Frost, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Gambit, and a female Emma Frost. Yes, female. He even put on high heels.


X-Men Jeanne Killjoy xProfAwesome Rogue Gambit

Jeanne Killjoy is a cosplayer, dancer, model and videographer currently based in New Jersey. Jeanne started modeling from a very young age and has been published in several magazines. She got into cosplaying back in 2010 and received wide acclaim. Jeanne loves to cosplay X-Men characters and aside from this amazing FemGambit cosplay, Jeanne also cosplayed Rogue, Psylocke, Domino and Mystique. Presently, Jeanne is studying film editing and training to become a wrestler.

Accompanying her on the image above is xProfAwesome, now going by Billy Booze. Billy is a cosplayer from New Jersey whose true passion is bringing his favorite characters to life as accurately as possible. Together, these two cosplayers, impressed us with an awesome genderbent version of the infamous X-Men couple, Rogue and Gambit.


X-Men Danica Rockwood Quicksilver

Danica Rockwood is a vlogger, model, gamer, and an award-winning costumer from Florida. When she’s not attending conventions, all dressed up in her amazing costumes, she’s live streaming video games on Twitch or uploading videos on her YouTube channel. Danica enjoys sharing her love of cosplay with others and has been featured in Geek Fantasy Magazine, The Escapist as well as David Love Photography’s Cosplay Composition book.

In her impressive career, she has cosplayed as a number of both male and female characters, such as Black Cat, Lara Croft, Catwoman and many more. Much like the one you see above, Danica’s incredible cosplay images look as if you have pressed pause on a movie or a video game. Her female Quicksilver is spot on and the photo looks exactly like the scene from the movie.


X-Men Larry Smith Storm

Larry Smith is a costume-maker who creates customized superhero costumes on commission. His Batman Beyond costume won the DC Industry Award at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con Masquerade Contest. But while his Batman Beyond certainly is impressive, his genderswapped Storm is a far more entertaining sight.

Honestly, this guy makes an amazing Storm. He’s got everything down from the hair to the costume. It can't be easy to pull off a male take on a female character this successfully, yet Larry's done it. After attending the New York Comic Con in his Storm costume, Larry jokingly commented on the experience, “Do you know what happens to a man when he cosplays Storm? The same thing that happens to everyone else… it’s real uncomfortable.” Regardless, we still think you look great.


X-Men Stephanie Castro Wolverine

Stephanie Castro is a fashion designer, costumer and cosplayer. Based in San Diego, Stephanie usually does pin-up and vintage costumes. However, four years ago, she became widely recognized after cosplaying as a female Captain America in honor of Memorial Day. Nothing says patriotism like the stars and stripes, and the Internet was fascinated with Stephanie’s vintage and female take on the Cap.

However, Steve Rogers is not the only male character this vintage fashion aficionado turned into a woman. Before she donned on the star-spangled costume, Stephanie showed her claws in an awesome Wolverine costume. Her version of Wolverine is very feminine, vintage and reminiscent of Logan’s costume from the classic 1990s’ cartoon, X-Men: The Animated Series. Without a doubt, Stephanie makes a very fierce female Wolverine.


X-Men Pat Loika Dazzler

Out of all of the X-Men girls this guy picks Dazzler. What the hell? Dazzler isn’t even all that popular. In fact, she is widely considered as one of the silliest characters ever created in comic books. Dazzler was introduced during the "Dark Phoenix Saga," as a mutant with the power to take the sound of music and convert it into dazzling lights and beams. A power that has been ridiculed by the fans for ages.

Even though, in recent years, Dazzler has become a somewhat better character her early stages have more or less defined her forever. What’s even more amazing than Dazzler’s silliness is the courage, and affection for the character, it must have took for this guy to attend a convention as a superhero disco queen. The name of this cosplayer remains unknown, while the photo is courtesy of the photographer Pat Loika.


X-Men Jessica Nigri Magneto

The queen of cosplay herself, Jessica Nigri has always been a fan of making female versions of male characters. The New Zealand-American cosplayer, promotional model, YouTuber, voice actress and fan convention interview correspondent, Nigri has been cosplaying ever since her Pikachu cosplay from the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con went viral. Over the years, Nigri has become one of the most recognizable cosplayers and is deemed by many as the most popular cosplayer.

Her Magneto cosplay is actually one of the less revealing outfits she’s worn. But this female version of everyone’s favorite X-Men villain looks very cool. While there are plenty of images from this photo shoot of Nigri as Magneto, the levitating chairs make this one stand out. Plus, it is reminiscent of the stadium scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past.


X-Men ESSX Cosplay Eric Scott Smith Scarlet Witch

Eric Scott Smith is a cosplayer from Atlanta, Georgia. Like a true superhero, Eric works as an insurance guy by day and cosplayer by night. He loves to dress up as his favorite comic book characters and has cosplayed a number of both Marvel and DC heroes. During this year’s New York Comic Con, Eric cosplayed three different characters -- Doctor Strange, Superboy and Gamora.

This fan of genderswapped cosplay certainly knows how to do a male take on a female character. Eric wore his genderbent Scarlet Witch costume to the 2016 Atlanta Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. Even though his costume is based on the Avengers version of the character, because Eric looks so dashing wearing it we absolutely had to save him a spot on the list.


X-Men Lucky Bonez Cable

Lucky Bonez is a cosplayer-turned podcast host living in Sydney, Australia. Lucky has been cosplaying under the name Black Cat for over ten years. The years of cosplaying, hosting cosplay competitions and acting as MC at a number of conventions paid off and Lucky moved on to bigger things. Nowadays, Lucky focuses on content creation for social media, while her biggest passion is making YouTube videos. As a YouTuber, Lucky creates videos that focus on gaming, cosplay and her everyday life.

However, one cannot deny her cosplay talent. Over the years, she’s put on costumes of numerous fictional characters, including Power Girl, Domino, Spider-Gwen, etc. Lucky’s awesome genderswapped Cable cosplay is certainly among her best work. We have to admit, this female Cable looks bold.

Do you have a favorite genderswapped X-Men cosplay? Let us know in the comments!

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