Gen13's Creative Team Invite YOU to a...ROAD TRIP

by Drew Geraci

It's that time of year again.

Summer's fast approaching, late seasonal snows and cancelled TV shows have melted away. Summer means school breaks! Ice Cream with chocolate chip cookie dough! Big Budget movies! Comic conventions! Chillin' poolside while reading comics! And...Road Trips!

The Gen13 creative crew invite you to join them on one particular Road Trip, which promises to be a wild ride for our GenActive kids on the lam! Along the way, they'll have a smackdown with Midnighter, Swift and Apollo of The Authority, visit the super-hero retirement town of Tranquility and even meet...the Authori-teens!

This issue is not only an excellent point to "Jump On" (as in, "move the cooler and scoot over in the Jeep") but the creative contents of this issue of Gen13 has literally travelled thousands of miles around the continent of North America to reach it's final destination, your comic shop, on May 9!

In keeping with the "Road Trip" theme of this new story arc, we'd like to share with you how a typical Gen13 comic makes an international tour that could give Ozzfest a run for it's money this summer!

Writer Gail Simone comes up with a torrential brainstorm in Oregon amongst tremendous trees and everflowing coffee. Once she sculpts a story, it's electronically transported to...

Grunge (scratching himself inappropriately): You chicks are, like, hot!

Editor Ben Abernathy in La Jolla, where the weather is perfect all year 'round (AND he gets to hang with Jim Lee!).

To: Gail Simone

From: Ben Abernathy

Sent: Asap

Subject: Perfect! It's another home run, Gail!

I don't know why I bother to read your scripts anymore! You rule!



Ben reads the script then gives his blessings before sending it electronically to...

Penciller Carlo Barberi in festive Mexico City, Mexico. Carlo draws stunning landscapes and lovely ladies and sends the art to...

Inker Drew Geraci in "10-minutes-from-the-beach" Florida. Drew trac-uh, lovingly renders Carlo's pencils with his so-versitile-it's-deadly #104 quill. Once Drew's done fussing over it, he scans the inked pages to...

Colorist Carrie Strachan in La Jolla (and avoiding Ben whever possible!), where the weather is still perfect. She paints the line art in photoshop with practiced pinache while...

Letterer Phil Balsman from New York City thoughtfully threads Gail's words throughout the page, giving voice to guest-stars The Authority!

Bring your sunblock and watch out for flying debris!

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