'Gen13 #0' priced at just $.13 cents

Official Press Release

For months now, the relaunch of Gen13 has been the talk of comics fans everywhere. This July, DC/WildStorm puts its money where its mouth is, introducing the new team in the one-shot GEN13 #0 - for just 13 cents! This 32-page preview issue includes a new 12-page story that lays the foundation for Gen13's dramatic rebirth, courtesy of the creative team of the upcoming series: longtime fan-favorite writer Chris Claremont and hot artist Ale Garza! This special issue introduces a new threat to the WildStorm Universe, one that will change the concept of Gen13 forever! Featuring brand new characters, locales and villains, no one can afford to miss this preview special - and, at 13 cents, no one has to!

"Chris and Ale have really put their all into the all-new, all-different GEN13, and I've been blown away by the results," says Jim Lee, WildStorm's Editorial Director and original GEN13 artist. "Now that the price will be a mere 13 cents, everyone will have a chance to check it out and weigh in with their vote on this summer's hottest launch!"

As if all this weren't enough, GEN13 #0 contains two 4-page vignettes from two other upcoming WildStorm series, 21 DOWN and THE RESISTANCE. 21 DOWN, a series that's linked to events in GEN13, is written by Jimmy Palmiotti (SUPERBOY) & Justin Gray, with art by Jesus Saiz (JLA: BLACK BAPTISM) & Palmiotti. THE RESISTANCE is also by writers Palmiotti & Gray, with art by Juan Romano Cano.

GEN13 #0 hits comic book stores on July 3 with a cover price of only $0.13 U.S.

Retailers please note: Copies of this issue will be given away to attendees at the DC booth at the Wizard World: Chicago and Comic-Con International: San Diego conventions.

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