Gemstone Marks Anniversary With Gift To Overstreet Readers

Official Press Release

The 34th edition of The Overstreet Official Comic Book Price Guide, due instores this Wednesday, April 21, marks the 10th year the industry bible hasbeen published by Gemstone Publishing, and with that in mind Gemstone isgiving its loyal retailers, readers and collectors a gift: complimentarycopies of Overstreet's Comic Price Review #8.

Overstreet's Comic Price Review is the monthly price guide newsletter forcertified comics in the 9.0 to 10.0 range, concentrating particularly onissues in the highly unpredictable arena of 9.4 and up.

In addition to any quantities of Overstreet's Comic Price Review #8 theyregularly ordered, of each retailer will receive free copies in equalnumbers to their orders for all editions of The Overstreet Official ComicBook Price Guide #34 so that they can share this gift with their customers,particularly those who have reserved copies of the Guide ahead of time.

"We've been very pleased with the reactions to Overstreet's Comic PriceReview in the past few months," said Steve Geppi, President and ChiefExecutive Officer of Gemstone Publishing. "It's been obvious to our readersthat we've been reflecting the changes in the marketplace and listening tothe feedback as we grew the publication. The 10th anniversary of Gemstonepublishing the Guide seemed like a great time for us to say 'thank-you' toeveryone with this bonus copy."

The annual Guide will still feature six pricing columns, 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0,9.0 and 9.2, but the Price Review will be the only source Overstreet pricesfor spotlighted issues in 9.4 or higher. Titles featured in the Price Reviewwill rotate based on the market each month.

"The market for high-grade certified comics has been incredibly volatile,"said Robert M. Overstreet, author and publisher of The Official OverstreetComic Book Price Guide. "In many instances it has gone well beyond what canbe accurately reflected in an annual. That's why we made the decision tomake the top end of the Guide 9.2 rather than 9.4, and why 9.4 and up willbe featured in our monthly, Overstreet's Comic Price Review."

Each monthly issue of Overstreet's Comic Price Review contains articles andanalysis on the current marketplace, market reports from OverstreetAdvisors, sales lists of certified comics and magazines, and Ten To Watch(noteworthy comics from history and the present). Each issue also featuresother high profile comic character memorabilia as well.

The special complimentary issue of OCPR includes reports of arecord-breaking sale of Marvel Mystery #9, a look at 5 "sleepers" you shouldknow about, market reports from some of the top retailers in the world ofcomics, a detailed list of prices realized from 10.0 all the way down to0.5, a bonus color gallery section, a checklist of Marvel's 30¢ and 35¢variants, a First Comics collector's checklist, Overstreet pricing on suchtitles as Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, Conan, Daredevil,Fables, Iron Man, Justice League of America, Superman/Batman, Teen Titans,Ultimate Spider-Man, X-Men, and many others. Also detailed in this issue areprices for Randy Bowen's Marvel statues, character watches, andsuperhero/adventure club kits.

"It's hard to believe that Bob Overstreet has put out 34 editions of theGuide," Geppi said, "and it almost seems impossible that it's been 10editions since he brought the book to Gemstone. I'm glad we can give ourreaders, who have been incredibly loyal, this small token of our thanks."

Both The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #34 and Overstreet'sComic Price Review #8 will be on sale April 21, 2004.

Overstreet's Comic Price Review #9, which features Conan on the cover, isavailable for advance reorder from Diamond Comic Distributors. OCPR #10,spotlighting DC's Teen Titans, can be found on Page 302 of the April 2004Previews.

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