GelaSkins Inc. Releases Marvel Designs

Official Press Release

GelaSkins Inc. (www.GelaSkins.com), a leading provider of high-quality, artist-supported protective covers for mobile devices, today releases their new Marvel Comics designs, providing a wide range of images from legendary comics for laptop and iPhone skins.

The new designs from Marvel include character images of Iron Man, Spider Man and X-Men. The designs will incorporate the characters themselves, along with classic designs of their original comic covers. Preset designs from each of these catalogs are initially available for laptops and iPhones specifically. The new images will also be available through the Do-It-Yourself service for all GelaSkins' device templates including mobile phones, gaming devices and more.

"We are honored to offer new designs for mobile technology from Marvel, the leading animation company on the market," said Drew Downs, CEO of GelaSkins, Inc. "This high-profile partnership will offer consumers a new variety of professional art and classic designs to decorate their mobile technology."

In addition to Marvel Comics, GelaSkins collaborates with top artists and companies including National Geographic, Dark Horse Comics, Tokidoki, Upper Playground, charity: water and more. These additional designs are available for iPhone, Blackberry, the Kindle, laptops and gaming devices, including Nintendo DSI, DSI Lite, Will, Sony PSP, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and more. All GelaSkins vinyl protective covers are removable using patented 3M adhesive, which prevents air bubbles from forming and allows for easy application. Each GelaSkin will defend devices with a durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating.

The new designs from Marvel are now available at www.GelaSkins.com, price ranges between $14.95 and $29.95 based on device. Visit the GelaSkins Web site for more details and to browse the new designs.

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