Geekpunk roars with second title, 'Lionxor'

Official Press Release

Costa Mesa, CA – March 4, 2004 – GeekPunk, publishers of the superhero comedy title Hero Happy Hour, is pleased to announce that a second title will now be published under the GeekPunk label. Beginning in July, Lionxor, written by James Patrick (Crackurz Super Special) with art by D.J. Coffman (Monkey Man Unleashed, Crackurz Super Special), will join Hero Happy Hour in offering readers a fresh and humorous alternative to everyday comic books.

According to Lionxor creator and writer James Patrick, "Lionxor is an absurd team/action book with a bit of 80's elements to flavor it. I definitely wouldn't say Lionxor spoofs 80's titles as much as it takes some of their flavor, in all their absurdity, and creates a style for the book. And when I say absurdity, I mean the same way the Golden Age or the Silver Age were absurd in some ways, like a guy wearing a bright, red, white and blue costume out to war."

"Lionxor is the perfect title to join Hero Happy Hour," according to Dan Taylor of GeekPunk. "The humor within Lionxor is right up the alley for fans of our first title. In fact, regular readers of Hero Happy Hour will recognize James Patrick and D.J. Coffman as the talented team behind the back up features within that very comic."

James Patrick adds, "I just hope Lionxor has the same success for Geekpunk that Hero Happy Hour has had. Unless that threatens Dan in some way, then I want it to do just a shade under the success that Hero Happy Hour has been."

Lionxor will be released on a bi-monthly schedule as a six-issue mini-series. Lionxor first appeared in the online comic strip Soda that ran on Kevin Smith's Movie Poop Shoot site. Lionxor #1 written by James Patrick with art by D.J. Coffman is scheduled for release in July 2004. Lionxor #1 (b/w 24 pages) will be available at comic book shops, or online at www.geekpunk.com.

About GeekPunk

First and foremost, GeekPunk is a publisher of comic books. We could be called small press, self-published, or independent. But, we prefer the term guerrilla publishers. Formed in order to publish the comic book Hero Happy Hour, GeekPunk will continue to publish additional issues of Hero Happy Hour as well as producing and publishing other entertaining comic books for those looking for something different. For additional information visit the GeekPunk web site at www.geekpunk.com.

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