Geekpunk Celebrates Biggest "Hero Happy Hour" yet!

Official Press Release

Costa Mesa, CA – July 7, 2004 – GeekPunk, publishers of the superhero comedy title Hero Happy Hour, is pleased to announce the final line-up of talent participating in the Hero Happy Hour Super Special scheduled to premiere at the 2004 San Diego International Comic-Con.

Besides the regular barflies of series creators Dan Taylor and Chris Fason, the regular "Hero Happy Minute" back-up team of James Patrick and D.J. Coffman are occupying their regular stools at the bar. Other comic book writers and artists bellying-up to the bar are…

  • The Master Minds team of Lance Karutz, James Denning and Aaron Sowd.
  • Dan Wickline (The Conversation) and Brett Weldele (Shot Callerz).
  • Neil Kleid (Ninety Candles) and Neil Vokes (The Black Forest).
  • Scott Morse (The Barefoot Serpent).
  • Jeffery Stevenson (Brat-Halla) and Diego Jourdan (Digital Webbing Presents)
  • Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), and Brandon J. Carr (PV Comics).
  • Jim Keplinger (Ted Noodleman), Michael Scott (Interplanetary Grift), and Michael Russell (Interplanetary Grift).
  • Dave Crosland (Heaven, LLC)
  • Jon Hook (Digital Webbing Presents) and John Schuler (What Animals Think).
  • C.G. Kirby (Freakshow) and Cal Slayton (Shades of Blue).
  • John Kovalic (Dork Tower)
  • Tom Beland (True Story Swear To God)
  • Todd Nauck (Wildguard)

"The response from creative talents across the board was great when we initially sent out the invite for folks to join us at the Hideout Bar & Grill," according to Dan Taylor. "In fact, the response was so good, that we weren't able to use every story that we were offered. So, a second Hero Happy Hour Super Special is likely to appear before too long."

"With the help of everyone involved we've put together quite a diverse collection of stories. There's something for everyone in this book," says Dan Taylor. "Where else are you going to find a collection with the likes of Steve Niles, Dave Crosland, Scott Morse, Tom Beland, Todd Nauck, and all of the others under one cover?"

The Hero Happy Hour Super Special, priced at $6.00 with 64 black and white pages and color cover by Brandon "Ragnar" Johnson will also be available through regular comic book retail shops as well as premiering at the 2004 San Diego International Comic-Con where GeekPunk will be participating with Cold Cut Comics Distribution's "Indy Island".

About GeekPunk

First and foremost, GeekPunk is a publisher of comic books. We could be called small press, self-published, or independent. But, we prefer the term guerrilla publishers. Formed in order to publish the comic book Hero Happy Hour, GeekPunk will continue to publish additional issues of Hero Happy Hour as well as producing and publishing other entertaining comic books for those looking for something different. For additional information visit the GeekPunk web site at www.geekpunk.com.

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