Gaze Upon The Cosmic Cube And Red Skull In New <i>Captain America</i> Photos!

The Cosmic Cube just went from fiction to reality as Superhero Hype has posted a scanned image of the reality-warping weapon from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger, courtesy of SFX Magazine.

The image shows Huge Weaving — pre-red skulled Red Skull — holding the Cube, which pretty much looks exactly as it does in the comics. Although not particularly fancy looking, make no mistake that the Cosmic Cube stands as one of the most powerful and dangerous weapons in all of the Marvel Universe, able to bend reality itself to the will of its user. The previous announcement of the Cube's part in the film came as no surprise to comic fans as Cosmic Cube and the Red Skull go together like Captain America and his shield, but this stands as the first official image of the item from the film itself. However, eagle eyed audience members should keep their eye out in the upcoming Thor film since rumor has it that the Cube makes an appearance there as well.

Also appearing online today in a related story, Comic Book Movie posted what they're describing as leaked concept images of the Red Skull in costume and holding the Cosmic Cube. The alleged concept image on the right looks incredibly similar to the one of Hugo Weaving, albeit with more red skulls. This of course leads to the speculation that the official photo with the Cube takes place before Weaving's head gets Red Skull-ified, or may even lead into it.

One thing we do know for sure: all our wishes for answers get granted on July 22, when Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters.

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