Gaze in wonder at Brandon Graham's <i>Habibi</i> fanart

King City cartoonist Brandon Graham dropped this beauty on twitpic the other day -- it's a lovely tribute to Craig Thompson's Middle Eastern epic Habibi, centered on the book's female lead Dodola. It's funny: I never would have thought there'd be much visual kinship between Thompson's lush brushwork and Graham's thin lines, but both artists have a curvilenear sweep to their work that turns out to make their styles mesh beautifully. And obviously, Graham can pack in the Thompson-esque ornamentation like whoa.

The best thing about the illustration is that no matter what you like about it, you can find more of that thing someplace online today:

• Want more Habibi fanart? Graham created his piece for an art show at Portland's Floating World Comics that coincides with Thompson's signing there tonight, also featuring Habibi-inspired pieces by Mike Allred, Aaron Renier, Carson Ellis, Farel Dalrymple, Kurt Halsey, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, Lark Pien, Theo Ellsworth and Tom Hart

• Want more Brandon Graham art? He's got a dirty new comic in Thickness #2, the latest installment in editors Michael DeForge and Ryan Sands' anthology of erotica from alternative cartoonists. The issue also features DeForge himself, Angie Wang, Jillian Tamaki, Lisa Hanawalt, Mickey Zachilli and True Chubbo. You can find previews here and here.

• Want more Brandon Graham period? He's the subject of the very first video interview by Inkstuds podcaster Robin McConnell. Check it out here.

• Want more interpretations of Habibi? Check out Nadim Damluji's review, which praises the book's craft and its use of Islamic and Arab art and design techniques, but finds fault with its Orientalist approach to the relationships between Arab men and Arab women.

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