Gay comic-book characters, from A to Z

Sean Brennan, who operates HeroesNHunks (NSFW!), has put together an impressive clearinghouse of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters in comic books.

Called QueerSupe, it contains more than 230 names to date -- most with images and links to profiles -- from Apollo and Midnighter of The Authority to Hopey Glass of Love and Rockets to Tim Gunn of Project Runway and Models, Inc.

(Of those characters, 45 are dead, but, hey, some of the living ones actually appear in books on a regular basis. So, that's ... something. Right?)

QueerSupe seems like a nice, and nicely organized, successor to the Gayleague's character list, much of which was lost earlier this year when the website was hacked. (That list has begun to reappear, but in a less user-friendly format.)

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