Garth Ennis's Battlefields: Night Witches TPB

Story by
Art by
Russ Braun
Colors by
Tony Aviña
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Late summer, 1942. As the German army smashes deep into Soviet Russia and the defenders of the Motherland retreat in disarray, a new bomber squadron arrives at a Russian forward airbase. Its crews will fly flimsy wooden biplanes on lethal night missions over German lines, risking fiery death as they fling themselves against the invader- but for these pilots, the consequences of capture will be even worse. For the pilots of the 599th Night Bomber Regiment are women. In the deadly skies of the Eastern front, they will become a legend- known, to friend and foe alike, as the Night Witches.

Based on the true story of Russia's women warriors, this hard-hitting tale by Garth Ennis (The Boys) and Russ Braun (Jack of Fables) pulls no punches in its depiction of warfare on the savage Eastern Front. When Communist and Nazi armies meet head on, innocence dies fast- and even the survivors will be scarred in ways they could never have imagined.

This volume collects issues 1-3 of the Dynamite series and features all of the covers by John Cassaday (Astonshing X-Men) and Garry Leach (Dan Dare) as well as a sketchbook by Russ Braun.

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