Garth Ennis Talks Jim Lee, "The Boys"

DC's Wildstorm label may have famously passed on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's hard R-rated superhero send up "The Boys," but that doesn't mean that Wildstorm Editorial VP Jim Lee doesn't still support the now-Dynamite Entertainment series in a big way. "We don't talk much, but we're aware he's a fan of the book. His support has always meant a hell of a lot," Ennis told CBR News, who shared with us Lee's alternate cover to May's "The Boys" #30 as well as Robertson's "less is more" contribution to the issue.

"I think it looks great," the writer opined. "Classic Jim Lee, nice and dark and brooding. He's really caught Butcher, caught the violence inherent in the character."

But of course, Lee's cover serves to be slightly prophetic of future events in the series, soon to cross the halfway point of its own Glorious Five-Year Plan. "Jim's cover was down to him, really; as with all the other alternate cover artists, we simply said 'Do whatever you want.' There'll be more on Butcher as we progress, but he is indeed being set up for his own miniseries," Ennis confirmed.

Beyond a beefing up of info on Butcher's past, Ennis promised that rolling into "The Boys" #30 (the post-script to the currently running "We Gotta Go Now" story, centering on Wee Hughie's undercover mission with the world's most profitable supeheroes known as the G-Men) will have "a lot more stuff to do with Vought American's involvement with the G-Men, Frenchie confronting the Female about her recent behaviour, and Mother's Milk's investigation into the G-Men's past."

As for what lies ahead in the series in issue #31 and beyond, Ennis teased that while the first half of the title delved into establishing The Boys and how they took the fight to the supers, the second half will turn the tables a bit. "Initially, you'll see the supes reacting to The Boys' activity, realizing just what a threat they represent, taking action," Ennis said. "After that it'll be time for an origin or two."

"The Boys" #30 goes on sale in May from Dynamite Entertainment.

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