Garth Ennis Reveals "Where Monsters Dwell" During Marvel's "Secret Wars"

Garth Ennis returns to Marvel Comics in 2015, but it's not for another go-round with Frank Castle.

Joined by frequent collaborator, artist Russ Braun, Ennis will forgo the familiar skull-emblazoned adventures of the Punisher, or the star of his last Marvel project, Nick Fury, for the high-flying adventures of World War I flying ace Phantom Eagle. Ennis previously penned the adventures of the period hero in the Marvel MAX series "War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle."

Announced via Vulture, "Where Monsters Dwell" bears the publisher's now-familiar "Secret Wars" logo treatment, but Ennis remains tight-lipped on how, exactly, his story about a WWI fighter pilot battling dinosaurs ties into the upcoming mega-event, though his description of the series might offer a few hints.

"Sometime in the early 1920s, ex-Great War fighter pilot Karl Kaufmann is bumming around the Far East, getting into various scrapes and trying to make a dishonest buck," Ennis said of the comic's plot. "He agrees to fly naïve English socialite Clementine Franklin-Cox to Singapore, only to end up blown off course and flung into an exotic world of dinosaurs, cannibals, and a rather unusual tribe of amazons -- who have their own plans for Clemmie. She, in turn, is not quite all she seems."

One thing Ennis is clear on, however, is the series' lighter approach from what readers have seen from him of late. "[H]aving been writing some pretty dark and grim stuff recently, I fancied something a little bit lighter," Ennis said.

"Where Monsters Dwell," which is slated to debut May 27, is the latest project the writer has scheduled with the Big Two. In April, Ennis is re-teaming with artist John McCrea on "Section Eight" for DC Comics, a series starring characters the pair created in their mid-90s "Hitman" series.

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