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The way of the gun in the wild west may be a reality long gone, butno one's told Joe Dunn that. Garth Ennis' newest creator-ownedseries Streets of Glory will hit the trails this October, as AvatarPress begins shipping the 6-part monthly series which will beavailable for $3.99 an issue. Featuring the full-color art of MikeWolfer, issue #1 is the beginning of the full-size regular series, atale which is flooded with the blood of lesser men.

In the past fifteen years, Joseph Dunn hasn't seen much of the littlecivilization Montana had to offer in 1899, but his absence along withthe death of a generation has rendered the atmosphereunrecognizable. Dunn is the last of the drifters that independentlyroamed the western frontier of the United States in the 19thcentury. These were men who fought with nobility, wits, and aneasily un-holstered gun at their side. The body count will rise whenDunn's trigger finger is forced to settle new problems with the onlysolution he knows.

"At first glance, Joe Dunn does appear to be an icon, or agunslinger, or a lone vigilante," notes series artist MikeWolfer. "But as we move through the lingering gun smoke and stepacross blood, puddled on dry earth, Garth is going to show us thetrue worth of this man, set against the backdrop of the wildest andmost dangerous era of American history. Joe Dunn is a hero for theages, and by God, I'm sure glad that he and Garth are our guides."

"I've loved westerns since I was old enough to breathe," saysEnnis. "'Streets of Glory' is my taken on the genre; romantic andepic, tragic and melancholy, bad and bloody. Considering the last twoin particular, where else could I tell a story like this butAvatar?" Garth Ennis adds to his already impressive career as hesets out to re-define the western genre in comic books. Streets ofGlory delivers the biting dialogue and powerful story-telling withthe brutal violence you'd anticipate from a series by Ennis. Streetsof Glory follows critically acclaimed series 303 and Chronicles ofWormood by Ennis from Avatar Press.

This is the first time the creator is working with popular Avatarartist Mike Wolfer, collaborator on the Strange Killings saga withWarren Ellis, and with John Russo on the Night of the Living Dead andPlague of the Living Dead series. Ennis says of Wolfer, "I've beenwanting to work with Mike since I saw his art on Warren Ellis'splendidly deranged 'Strange Killings' series. Great storytelling andattention to detail, brilliant sense of character, excellent faces.Just what I need."

"From the standpoint of a creator, Avatar Press' editorial policy ofhaving no editorial policies helps to create an enthusiasm that Ithink is unrivaled by any other publisher," says Wolfer. "It's awin-win situation for all involved. With total creative freedom,Garth's unrestrained vision naturally spills over into my territoryas a visual storyteller; his enthusiasm is like an electric spark andhas jump-started my own creative abilities as an artist, resulting inwhat I feel is probably the best work in my career." Wolfer will beat the San Diego Comic Con as a guest of Avatar Press to support thefall release of Streets of Glory #1.

Garth Ennis' Streets of Glory begins this Fall with the release ofissue #1 in October. Each part of the 6-issue series is infull-color and priced at $3.99. Garth Ennis and artist Mike Wolferteam up for the first time to create one of 2007's most exciting newseries, and Avatar Press is pleased to be promoting thistalent-packed new series at the biggest convention of the year alongwith other upcoming appearances and interviews from the creative team.

Avatar Press is a comic book publisher that continues to push theboundaries between mainstream and independent with current andupcoming work from creators such as Alan Moore, Frank Miller, WarrenEllis, Garth Ennis, Brian Pulido, George A. Romero, George R.R.Martin, Joe R. Lansdale, John Russo, Mike Wolfer, Juan Jose Ryp,Jacen Burrows, and numerous others. The company has published a widerange of comic books including creator-owned titles like Garth Ennis'303 and Brian Pulido's Lady Death, company-owned comics such asPandora and The Ravening, licensed hits like Frank Miller's Robocopand George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, and numerous othertitles. A publisher that has established itself as one of thecornerstones of the American indy comic book scene over the pastdecade, Avatar has published some 500 comic books since 1997.

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