Garth Ennis' Battlefields: Dear Billy

Story by
Art by
Peter Snejbjerg
Colors by
Rob Steen
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

1942: In the tropical splendour of the South China sea, as the Second World War spreads across the far east, a young woman finds herself in paradise... and then in hell. Nurse Carrie Sutton is caught up in the Japanese invasion of Singapore, suffering horrors beyond her wildest nightmares - and survives. Now she attempts to start her life anew, buoyed up by a growing friendship with a wounded pilot - only for fate to deliver up the last thing she ever expected. Carrie at last has a chance for revenge... but should she take it? In the midst of a world torn apart by war, you can fight and you can win - but you still might not get the things you truly want.

A tale of romance and tragedy set during the savage conflict between the western allies and the Japanese, written by Garth Ennis (The Boys) and drawn by Peter Snejbjerg (Light Brigade).

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