Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson to Appear at Jim Hanley's Universe

Official Press Release

New York, NY - Jim Hanley's Universe, NY's Premier Comic Book Retailer, is proud to celebrate the return of The Boys, the irreverent superhero comic by writer, Garth Ennis, and artist, Darick Robertson. To commemorate a night of independent comics, Hanley's will welcome the creators for a book release and signing. Ennis and Robertson will be appearing on Friday, June 1st, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

Garth Ennis is perhaps one of the most prolific writers in the comic book industry. He's worked on many titles for Marvel and DC Comics, but his most well known work is Preacher, the landmark 66-issue epic, which he co-created with artist Steve Dillon. Running from 1995 to 2000, it was a tale of a preacher with supernatural powers, mixing influences from western movies and religious themes, it drew plaudits for Ennis from all sections of the media. He is currently writing Marvel's Punisher Max series, Avatar's Chronicles of Wormwood and has just announced a return to cult favorite, Hitman.

Darick Robertson is perhaps most renowned as the artist and co-creator of Transmetropolitan. Other titles featuring his art can be seen in the comic books New Warriors, The Punisher origin limited series Born, Fury MAX, as well as assorted issues of Justice League, Spider-Man, and on a number of Malibu Comics titles. He was recently seen in issues of DC's successful weekly comic, 52, and in Wildstorm's The Midnighter.

The Boys, now published by Dynamite Entertainment, follows a superpowered CIA squad, known as the Boys, whose job it is to keep watch on superheroes and, if necessary, intimidate or kill them. Ennis has said that the series will "out-Preacher Preacher" [1], presumably referring to the extreme violence and sexuality that were that series's hallmark.

The signing will immediately follow the previously announced "Strangers in Paradise Goodbye Party" with Terry Moore earlier in the evening (from 5:00 to 6:30 PM). Fans and attendees are encouraged to show up early.

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