Garters & Ghouls Now A Digital-Only iPhone Comic

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IDW Publishing continues to forge ahead in the world of digital comics and today expand the company's offerings with a brand new, digital-only comic. Garters & Ghouls is based on the hot action game by Namco Networks, named one of the thirty must-haves for the iPhone and iPod touch, in which players command the not-too-dead Marie Dupois as she does battle against the evil Thrum and its legion of monstrous creatures.

"We're very excited to release the first digital comic in our partnership with Namco and Garters & Ghouls is a perfect concept to bring from games to comics," stated Jeff Webber, Director of ePublishing at IDW. "The Namco team put so much into the game's back-story that we have all sorts of interesting ideas to explore. And focusing specifically on an original digital comic allows us to design a storytelling format that works best on the small screen."

IDW's Garters & Ghouls comic chronicles The Thrum, a dark force churning under the twisted streets and elaborate architecture of Washington DC. The only thing that stands in its way is a group of outlandish geniuses known as The Society and their all-female squad of undead warriors, The Dead-Butantes. As the forces of darkness threaten to engulf the nation's capital, one of The Society's most prominent members, Frederic Farley Farnhan, is far more focused on his daughter's society debut than the growing danger all around him. Will the whole affair become a coming out party from hell? Unearth the strange and macabre world of Garters & Ghouls with the talented creative team of writer Harold Sipe (Screamland) and artist Kevin Mellon (Hack/Slash, Thirteen Steps).

"We're thrilled to be partnering with IDW Publishing on our original video game property, Garters & Ghouls. IDW's history of marrying the most talented artists and writers in the business to outstanding IP provides a great opportunity for fans to explore the fun, frightening world of Garters & Ghouls in all its spooky glory," said Chris Lucero, Manager of Business Development and Licensing for Namco Networks.

In the Garters & Ghouls action shooter game, players control Marie as she is summoned to battle the Thrum's minions and horrors beyond description! Garters & Ghouls features a twisted, gothic world with 25 action-packed levels, providing hours of unique game play. Players help Marie on her quest by unearthing devastating weapons and massive power-ups! With downloadable content the fun never dies!

Garters & Ghouls ($0.99) is now available through the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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