Garrett Hedlund Is Returning For Tron: Legacy Sequel

Disney is working on getting its sequel to Tron: Legacy back in high gear, and now the studio officially has its leading man back on the Grid.

Next Movie has confirmed that Garrett Hedlund will return as Sam Flynn, the son of Jeff Bridges' Kevin Flynn, in the upcoming sequel. There's been no title announced, and no other confirmed cast members.

Last week, it was revealed that Jesse Wigutow was hired to write the script, which will be based on an earlier script by David DiGilio, though it's unclear if he's going to start from scratch or just rework what they already have. Also returning is director Joseph Kosinski, who recently wrapped Oblivion with Tom Cruise.

Based on the ending of Tron: Legacy, it's pretty clear Disney had always planned a sequel. That movie came out in 2010, and made $400 million worldwide. Our guess is that the sequel will pick up in the real world and feature Cillian Murphy as a villain. We also wouldn't be surprised if Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges were soon confirmed to return as well.

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