Gargoyles Is Streaming Uncensored and Uncut Episodes on Disney+

Disney has, in recent years, tended to keep controversy out of its animated programming. Older shows with scenes judged to be problematic for younger viewers have even been edited or censored to bring them more in line with Disney's family-friendly aesthetic. However, the version of Gargoyles on Disney+ proves the House of Mouse is willing to revert to the original presentation of a series, even when they had previously altered it.

Gargoyles was known for being edgier than the average show on Disney and was aimed at an older audience than the majority of their offerings at the time. As such, there were some moments Disney had previously judged to be inappropriate for their audiences. Up until the release of Disney+, the versions of Gargoyles that aired on TV were edited or censored to make them less upsetting to younger children.

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Some of these were relatively small changes, like cutting the camera away from the moment of impact in fight scenes, particularly when female characters were struck. Others have since become infamous. The most notable of these is the episode "Deadly Force," which was thought to be shadowbanned by Disney for being too controversial. In the episode, the gargoyle Broadway picks up a gun, unknowing of its power, and shoots the Gargoyles' police compatriot Elisa Maza. Elisa is even depicted in a pool of her own blood in the episode.

While Gargoyles has been shown in its altered state for many years, some fans on Twitter have pointed out that Disney+ is offering the full original version of the series. All of the episodes were present in the state that they aired on television over 20 years ago, including "Deadly Force." The thread helped bring attention to #KeepBingingGargoyles, a hashtag started by series creator Greg Weisman in order to potentially sway Disney into renewing the show.

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While Disney+ has a whole host of content with new edits (Maclunkey, anyone?), Gargoyles shows Disney is occasionally willing to present a series exactly as the creative team originally intended, even if the landscape has changed since its release.

Gargoyles is now streaming on Disney+.

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