Gargoyles Creator Addresses Whether The Show Might Return

As one of the co-creators of Young Justice, Greg Weisman is no stranger to having one of his beloved animated series go off the air only to get revived later on a streaming service. Weisman is now teasing the possibility the same thing could happen for Gargoyles.

After Weisman declined to divulge information about the relationship between the villainous Odin and Thor in the Gargoyles Universe, a fan asked why he wouldn't provide information about a show that finished its run over two decades ago. "Sometimes things come back," Weisman replied.

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Weisman's statement doesn't give any indication that there are actually plans for a revival or relaunch, though they do make clear he's leaving the door open to the possibility. However, as Weisman is currently working on Young Justice, the chances of Gargoyles coming back anytime soon seem slim.

Last year, rumors pinned Get Out's Jordan Peele as a possible director for a new adaptation based on the 90s cartoon, but the project never came to fruition. Back in 2010, Disney also reportedly looked to bring Gargoyles to the big screen courtesy of X-Men movie producer Lauren Shuler Donner and Wolverine writer Zoe Green. That project was set to be completely separate from the classic '90s cartoon and be centered around a new supernatural mythology, but also fell through.

Co-created by Weisman, Gargoyles focused on a clan of mystical gargoyles that turned to stone during the day, but came to life at night. The cartoon ran for 61 episodes from 1994-1997 and starred Keith David, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Jeff Bennett and Frank Welker. The series will be available for streaming on Disney+, though it's unclear at this time if the service has any plans for more Gargoyles.

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