'Gargoyles' Available to Stream on YouTube

Gargoyles was a Disney animated series far ahead of its time, and retains a devoted fan base to this day. Airing from 1994-1997, the show is widely considered to be one of the best of its era, alongside classics like Batman: The Animated Series, and it seems as though Disney wants to get more exposure for the cult favorite. Disney.com reports that all 78 episodes of the series are now available to stream via the DisneyShows YouTube channel.

Co-created by Greg Weisman (who went on to co-create Young Justice), Gargoyles focused on a clan of mystical gargoyles, who turned to stone during the day, but came to life at night. After billionaire David Xanatos relocates the Gargoyles' medieval Scottish castle to New York, the clan must adjust to modern living, aided by intrepid NYPD detective Elisa Maza, while clashing with Xanatos.

The entire run of Gargoyles is available online, including the controversial third season, with which Weisman was dissatisfied. He would go on to write a Gargoyles comic book series that ignored the third season, instead choosing to pick up from the end of the second and tell a new story in its place.

Check out the first episode of Gargoyles below.

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